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Domestic and Social Violence

Domestic and social violence manifest themselves in many different forms. Physical abuse is usually the more evident kind, but psychological torments, abuse of official power, spiritual abuse and the mistreatment of those weaker than us are all aspects of this. The most disturbing – and possibly the most encouraging – part of all this is that all of these things are preventable and solvable when we, as individuals, families and communities take it upon ourselves to do our little to make the necessary changes.

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Comment (2)

  1. Oh Amy what motivates you your videos are so driven so sincere you always touch my heart, I have a question for you as usual, do you take on interns that may have a desire to be journalist? The reason why I am asking I have a Kenyan I call her my daughter that I am sponsoring in school in Kenyan she is in 2nd year student at Mount Kenyan University her course is Journalism and Communication. How I meet her is a long sorry but she was an abused neglected child. I guest I’m doing my little. Thank you may The Most High bless you for all you do you have such a good heart. Shalom

    1. Hey, so good to hear from you!!! How have you been? Thank you for your kind words. We are driven by love for God and love for Afrika and the belief that we are able to create an environment filled with love, hope and the accurate way of living that we owe ourselves and the generations to come… together.
      I love what you’re doing with and for your daughter. We’re always interested in connecting with people who have a passion to learn or transform our continent and we could always start with a conversation and see where that takes us.
      Shall we chat on telegram?


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