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The Story of Afrika

The story of Afrika goes beyond wildlife, beyond tourism and way beyond natural resources.

It is definitely NOT about poverty or the other negative narratives peddled around about Afrika by the biased local and world media.

The story of Afrika is about a people: beautiful, strong, bold, hardworking, creative, innovative, loving, kind and full of life… it is about the environment we live in and our interaction with ancient and modern wisdom.

It is a story that we live, breathe, eat and feel, each and every single day!

So, as Afrikans, it is time we tell our own story, like only we know it, and like only we can tell it.

Msingi Afrika Tv: see the true Afrika.

For enquiries, please contact us using +254738489470 (For telegram chat and calls) and visit our Telegram channel on

You can also support us through a donation via PayPal: or contact us for details on how to support us via Sendwave.

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