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Natural Living & Holistic Medicine

In this video, we talk to Stella Njagi, Founder of Spills of Eden,, about natural living and holistic medicine and how easy and necessary it is to incorporate these into our daily lives. Stella’s entire life has revolved around living naturally, from her clothing, to her hair, to her skincare, to her diet and to the remedies she used since she was a child. This grew into a passion to learn and unearth more about how it was done in indigenous cultures and how to bring that into today’s world.

Thank you for joining us for this fun and educational conversation.

To support our work, you can make a donation via Sendwave or MPesa (to +254 722 714 025) or paypal at this link. You can also buy our book (contact us for more), merchandise on our Rudo store, or buy an advert on our websites. Talk to us on Telegram at +254 738 489 470 or join our channel at

Great having you here!

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