The Power of Change (2)

The Power of Change is in Your Hands

When are we actually going to stop complaining and talking about change and start to make change happen? Our answer is, NOW. The little things we do as part of the bigger push for change are what make change happen. Extraordinary people are not always known for the ordinary things they do, but for the […]
War against seeds Thumbnail


WAKE UP AND SAVE OUR SEEDS He who controls the land, controls the seeds. He who controls the seeds, controls the harvest and the food chain. And he who controls the food chain, controls the people. While we as Afrikans have majorly been asleep, wicked men and women in the form of global corporations have […]
Domestic violence

Domestic and Social Violence

Domestic and social violence manifest themselves in many different forms. Physical abuse is usually the more evident kind, but psychological torments, abuse of official power, spiritual abuse and the mistreatment of those weaker than us are all aspects of this. The most disturbing – and possibly the most encouraging – part of all this is […]