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He who controls the land, controls the seeds. He who controls the seeds, controls the harvest and the food chain. And he who controls the food chain, controls the people. While we as Afrikans have majorly been asleep, wicked men and women in the form of global corporations have been stealing and corrupting our organic seeds and replacing them with genetically modified seeds and it’s time we wake up and stop them, before nothing is left for our children and the next generation of Afrikans.

These links can provide you with a helpful starting point to learn more about this issue, its history and effects:

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Comment (2)

  1. Hello,
    What’s truly needed is for Africa to wake up and realize that Capitalism is the hidden evil in the room. Capitalism at it’s core must have someone somewhere play the role of a slave or the system comes crashing down. The history of those that teach Capitalism is war, slavery, and oppression. Africa’s way of life is one that use to look out for their bother and uplift the poor. When the tribe of Yahudah use to live in Africa things were so much better as we treated each other with respect and didn’t care about profit for the sake of profit. We cared about uplifting our fellow man. It’s time to get back to the old ways as one thing our creator makes very clear is, “He does not change.”
    Take to the herbs for the healing of the nations is what they want to destroy so they can push their poisons on the world. They are a wicked people who’s resume is one of war, dirty dealing, land spoiling and destruction, and that’s just the tip of their iceberg. Everywhere these people coming out of Europe went in the world they caused harm to the native populations of the lands they landed on. They are a very wicked people and you only need to look at their fruit to see them for what they are. They are liars, thieves, and only bring death and destruction to everything they touch.
    This is why Africa must unite and just lock them out of their resources. Sure they are going to want to go to war with Africa but just think, how long care they do war without Africa’s resources?

    I’d really much like to talk to you one on one as I have we have so much to talk about.
    Take care,
    Edward Mitchell

    1. Lovely to hear from you sir and to hear your thoughts. Certainly capitalism has been at the core of much of the evil in this world. It is true. If you are available on Telegram, you can reach us at the number in the description below the video.


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