Rebuilding Afrika

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How are we raising our Afrikan youth?

Our future depends on them. There are no two ways about it. The health of a tree is determined by the health of the seed. As Afrikans, our children are our future. They are the seed that we are planting now whose fruits will either be for the good of Afrika or for evil. We […]
The Power of Change (2)

The Power of Change is in Your Hands

When are we actually going to stop complaining and talking about change and start to make change happen? Our answer is, NOW. The little things we do as part of the bigger push for change are what make change happen. Extraordinary people are not always known for the ordinary things they do, but for the […]
Domestic violence

Domestic and Social Violence

Domestic and social violence manifest themselves in many different forms. Physical abuse is usually the more evident kind, but psychological torments, abuse of official power, spiritual abuse and the mistreatment of those weaker than us are all aspects of this. The most disturbing – and possibly the most encouraging – part of all this is […]
Do your litle acts of love


This video is the first in our new campaign titled “Do Your Little.” The simple purpose of the campaign is to take the minds and eyes of Afrikans (both home and abroad) and the world at large away from how massive the issues facing the world are and reminding each one that by everyone doing […]
Decolonizing the Afrikan mind


ARE WE REALLY INDEPENDENT? As 17 Afrikan countries mark 61 years since ‘independence’, we ask the question – Is Afrika truly independent, truly liberated and truly free? Much fanfare surrounded the announcements and the continued commemoration of these days by nations across the continent – and our history books are full of accounts about how […]
The story of Afrika

The Story of Afrika

The story of Afrika goes beyond wildlife, beyond tourism and way beyond natural resources. It is definitely NOT about poverty or the other negative narratives peddled around about Afrika by the biased local and world media. The story of Afrika is about a people: beautiful, strong, bold, hardworking, creative, innovative, loving, kind and full of […]