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Home Births – Restoring Afrika’s Indigenous Birthing System

It’s time for us to return to the ways of life, to restore what has been lost and severely abused. The sowing, incubation and arrival of new life on earth via the loins of the man and womb of the woman is as natural AND supernatural and sacred as breathing. The people involved or who will one day be involved should not be left ignorant and ill-equipped to steward this special journey. Nor should it be left without faithful custodianship in the form of those who provide strength and support throughout this journey, during the transition from womb to the world and who help ease the young ones into their new spaces.
Yet, this process has been subjected to statistical and scientific analyses and charts and assumptions and averages that do not take into account each individual’s unique journey into and through this world.
What can we do to begin to rectify all this? Join us as we explore this critical dimension with Lucy Muthoni, Midwife and Founder of Eve’s Mama.

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