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Call for an Afrikan Media Alliance: Our Journey

This video is a simple call for an Afrikan media alliance and collaborations that will help recreate, reframe and redistribute the accurate image of Afrika, away from the lies and the propagandas we have been fed for generations.

Kiswahili – Afrika’s Continental Language?

Swahili, Kiswahili... It is, indeed, a language rich in culture, idiom and history and because of that, it can provide a powerful coalescing force - on one level, that of speech ... but is that enough or does Afrika need much more than a beautiful language?

Interview with Tetteh Kofi

We were hosted by Broadcast Journalist, Tet Kofi, a Ghanaian living in the UK to explore the critical role of Afrikan media and Afrikans in creating a new narrative for Afrika.

Economic Apartheid in Afrika

As we continue to look closer at the issues facing and the tricks used against Afrika, we need to discuss the reality of Economic Apartheid.

Innovate Afrika: Sam Jalloh

Life can be full of twists and turns, but almost all the time, the beginning of a person's life does not always determine how they turn out in life.

Lawy Afrik Foundation Training

Welcome to a new series where we are celebrating the good things, the new things, the creative things that Afrikans do so well. Welcome to Innovate Afrika!!! In this episode we talk to Amos Onyango the founder of Lawy Afrik Foundation in Kenya.


The Real Reason Ethiopia was not colonized

Afrika truly has endured much and suffered much - and her great courage in overcoming hurdle after hurdle needs to be appreciated, even as we dig in to press for greater liberty, for the sake of the next generation.

Covid 19 can be cured

As Afrikans, we definitely can avoid most troubles that the world faces if only we learn from the past, which is what the principle of Sankofa entaills.