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Living in a Sacred Forest Paradise

There is something very beautiful about green spaces, especially forest life, ocean life, and #ecoliving. You feel alive as you merge with the beauty and biodiversity around you. We are happy to share this beautiful journey of our movement from Nairobi area to a #foresthouse in a #sacredforest in South Coast of Kenya. Thank you […]

Were the Ancient Africans Literate or Illiterate?

As an African, have you ever heard the statement that Africans were illiterate before Europeans came here? Or that there were no reading and writing systems before the arrival of the white man to the shores of Africa? I bet you might have heard that. So, the question is, were ancient Africans illiterate? Were there […]

Addressing False Discoveries by Europeans in Africa

If you grew up in Africa, one of the stories about Europeans that you must have been told as kids was the various places that the Europeans discovered in Africa. And of such stories is the story of Mungo Park, the young Scottish doctor and explorer who we were told discovered the River Niger. But […]

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Did Africans Sell Fellow Africans?

The African story is deep, historical, and also present and it is the story of our future. But until we start to really take a look at history to see where we missed it, take a look at the present to see where we are still missing it, we will definitely miss the future. For […]

AFRICA DAY 2023: Celebration of Heroes

Africa Day is the day we celebrate the great people called Africans all over the globe. Against all odds and oppressive systems, Africans in their various fields have stood tall and strong. Our list of African heroes is very long, but permit us to share these few with you, with the hope that you will […]

Censorship, Francis Ngannou and Other Stories

These options face us as a people: Telling the truth in the face of lies and propaganda, choosing the higher path of restoring dignity to our lives and those of others, and deciding that Afrika shall have her day in the sun and that we shall do the work required to allow her light to […]

Diaspora Investment in Afrika – What it Really Takes

In this conversation with Patrick Headley, CEO and Founder of Kiyiira Limited, find out what the real cost and real goal of Diaspora Investment in Afrika is and why you should consider it.Diaspora investment in Afrika is crucial for various reasons, one of which is supporting the economic growth of the continent. The biggest reason, […]

Funding Afrika’s Infrastructure and Development

When we think of developing Afrika, the question that always arises is, “How do we pay for it all?” With Afrikan economies struggling with external and internal debt that they entered into either through corruption, coercion, desperation or carelessness, what will happen to Afrika’s continental development agenda? How do we build the dream we see […]

Economic Apartheid in Afrika

As we continue to look closer at the issues facing and the tricks used against Afrika, we need to discuss the reality of Economic Apartheid.

Innovate Afrika: Sam Jalloh

Life can be full of twists and turns, but almost all the time, the beginning of a person's life does not always determine how they turn out in life.


A Candid Conversation About Afrika

In the changing global landscape where nations are gradually corralling their citizens into tighter and more restricted socio-economic and political spaces – and very deliberately at that, Tet Kofi asks the all important question: “Can Africa project its voice on the world stage or will she become an order taker following the determinations of governments […]

A Warning to the Wise.

Speaking Up Episode 3 A look at the big picture joining the dots of how we went from 3 weeks to flatten the curve to full blown mandated global injections including of children with what is still an experimental biological agent. The consequences for humanity when you join the dots are far worse than most […]

Medical Tyranny: Nothing Changes Till We Change.

Speaking Up Episode 2 The battle against Medical Tyranny is ours to lose. If we speak up and stay united, those who seek to diminish and turn humanity into their private resource and chattels will be routed and sent back whence they came. But first we must make some changes of attitude and belief.

The Cost of Not Waking Up

The cost of not waking up to our present situation, with Child vaccination in progress and vaccine passports being prepared for the pandemic, will be devastating. Yet we can reverse the tide if we do not respond to it with denial, avoidance and ‘ignorance’ of it.  Here is a link to the excellent presentation on […]

Your Public Silence Invites Totalitarianism

We don’t speak up because of fear, and it’s the perfect way to enable the growth of totalitarianism in government and our medical policy during this so called pandemic. Most don’t agree with the vaccination of children on their own recognisance. Most disagree with Vaccine Passports , but unless we overcome our fear of disapproval […]


Interview with Lucy

Home Births – Restoring Afrika’s Indigenous Birthing System

It’s time for us to return to the ways of life, to restore what has been lost and severely abused. The sowing, incubation and arrival of new life on earth via the loins of the man and womb of the woman is as natural AND supernatural and sacred as breathing. The people involved or who […]

Natural Living & Holistic Medicine

In this video, we talk to Stella Njagi, Founder of Spills of Eden, www.spillsofeden.com, about natural living and holistic medicine and how easy and necessary it is to incorporate these into our daily lives.

The Real Reason Ethiopia was not colonized

Afrika truly has endured much and suffered much - and her great courage in overcoming hurdle after hurdle needs to be appreciated, even as we dig in to press for greater liberty, for the sake of the next generation.

Covid 19 can be cured

As Afrikans, we definitely can avoid most troubles that the world faces if only we learn from the past, which is what the principle of Sankofa entaills.