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Funding Afrika’s Infrastructure and Development

When we think of developing Afrika, the question that always arises is, “How do we pay for it all?” With Afrikan economies struggling with external and internal debt that they entered into either through corruption, coercion, desperation or carelessness, what will happen to Afrika’s continental development agenda? How do we build the dream we see in our hearts?

This is a conversation with Burundian author and pan-Afrikanist, Chris Ndayiragije who shares his vision of a system for funding Afrikan development and bringing her out of the bondage of poverty. Let us know what you think in the comments.

To reach Chris Ndayiragije, please use:

*New info: the 1.3bn was actually never handed over to the govt, instead the private sector collected and deployed the funds that they were collecting and will hand over any balance to treasury. This makes his point about private sector being able to collect and disburse funds.

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