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Why We Stopped Doing Trends:

The Dark Side of Trends for Global Manipulation

Why we Stopped doing Trends: The Dark Side of Trends for Global Manipulation As Afrikans, we have a great and serious responsibility to ourselves and to the world to ensure that we do not think, live, speak or operate like any other part of the world, because of the wisdom, strength and life that we carry and represent. This means that we have to be extra watchful over what we listen to, watch or read and how we process and share that information. Exercising this mindfulness will ensure that we steer clear of the hands of the puppeteers who desire to influence the thoughts and lifestyles of the global population and to use us in the process of the dissemination of their agendas.

Trends, buzz, hype, fads all represent movement in a direction of thought, action and speech that are activated by unseen hands and designed to carry a mass of people in a certain direction. Resisting these and developing content that helps people to overcome them will help equip our people to have a different mind in a world that seeks only conformity to a universal train of thought.

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