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Nebucoin: Mobile Cryptocurrency Built for Afrika

It is definitely time for Afrikans, both home and abroad, to stop talking about change and start to make change happen in the Motherland. It is in the spirit of this reality that we decided to introduce the new segment on our YouTube channel called Innovate Afrika. Innovate Afrika is the segment where we celebrate the GOOD THINGS, the NEW THINGS, the CREATIVE THINGS that Afrikans do so well both at home and in the diaspora. Welcome to Innovate Afrika!!! In this episode we talk to Marcel Kwedi the creator of Nebucoin Cryptocurrency in Cameroon. Note: If you have created a new technology or business for Afrika, or you know someone who has, and you want to tell Afrika about it, you can reach out to us on Telegram at the number that will be on the screen.

You can support us through a donation via PayPal at this link.

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