Living in a Sacred Forest Paradise

There is something very beautiful about green spaces, especially forest life, ocean life, and #ecoliving. You feel alive as you merge with the beauty and biodiversity around you. We are happy to share this beautiful journey of our movement from Nairobi area to a #foresthouse in a #sacredforest in South Coast of Kenya. Thank you […]

Censorship, Francis Ngannou and Other Stories

These options face us as a people: Telling the truth in the face of lies and propaganda, choosing the higher path of restoring dignity to our lives and those of others, and deciding that Afrika shall have her day in the sun and that we shall do the work required to allow her light to […]

Food Security in Afrika is Possible. The Organic Way.

A global narrative says there is no food in Africa and Africans are dying of hunger and diseases. But this is mostly a lie and a carefully crafted manipulation of facts to enable big corporations and pharmaceutical companies to invade Africa’s food and health system. But we are not all blinded by their propaganda and […]
A Warning to the wise

A Warning to the Wise.

Speaking Up Episode 3 A look at the big picture joining the dots of how we went from 3 weeks to flatten the curve to full blown mandated global injections including of children with what is still an experimental biological agent. The consequences for humanity when you join the dots are far worse than most […]